How many credit hours does it take to get into the LEAP Program?

You must have earned at least 30 semester hours of academic credit to enroll in the LEAP program. Learn more about other requirements.

I’m a former Oakwood student. Can I really finish with a degree from Oakwood?

Yes, and furthermore, Oakwood University has created a tuition forgiveness program for former Oakwood students whose bills are 7 years old or older. For more information on how to qualify, contact the LEAP office at (256) 726-7098.

Do you accept military credits?

We do accept military credits, though they may require some conversion. Please contact the LEAP at (256) 726-7098 for more information.

How does a degree in General Studies differ from Organizational Management or Psychology?

The main difference between a General Studies degree and other degrees is that it is much more flexible. You have specific requirements that must be met, but no specific set of courses you must take beyond the required general education courses. Please contact the LEAP office at (256) 726-7098 to find out more about whether this degree is the best fit for your specific needs.

I’m interested in earning a degree in General Studies. How many hours do I need to be accepted?

Students interested in General Studies must have at least 70 credit hours to pursue this degree path.

Is your program accredited?

Yes because it is a program offered by Oakwood University, which is fully accredited. For more information on our regional accreditation, visit the Accreditation page on the Oakwood University website. Additionally, LEAP’s Organizational Management major is accredited by the Association of Collegiate Business Schools and Programs (ACBSP). For more information, visit the Business & Information Systems page on the Oakwood University website.

I’ve heard I can complete the LEAP program in 18 months. Is that true?

It really is possible to complete the LEAP program in 18 months. Many students do, and some do it in less time. However, this depends on where you are academically when you enter the program. If you enter with several transfer credits, you may be able to finish in a year or even in one semester. If, on the other hand, you have general education courses that you are lacking or if you need more electives credits than you have, it may take you longer than 18 months. Students who need additional credits but still want to complete the program in 18 months may opt to take additional courses during each semester or if applicable, apply for credit for their prior learning from life’s experiences.

I will be attending classes on campus. Can I bring my child to class with me?

Unfortunately no. You should plan on making other care provisions for your child. Our class sizes are small, and the coursework is very intense, making it difficult for students to learn with children in the classroom. You will have to devote the full four-hour class period to learning.

I live out-of-state. Can I still participate in the LEAP Program?

Yes!  Starting Fall 2014-2015, the LEAP program is offering the Organizational Management degree program as a fully online program.  Students will be able to live outside of the Huntsville, Alabama area and complete this online degree.   To inquire about this program, contact the LEAP office at 256-726-7098.

Is financial aid available?

Yes. Students involved in the LEAP program can apply for financial aid. Click here to learn more about available financial aid.

I went to school a long time ago. Are my credits too old to be accepted?

As long as the school you attended (or the state board of education if the school has closed) can provide us with an official transcript, we will accept most credits with a grade of C- or above from a regionally accredited school.

I went to another school. Can you use my transfer credits?

As long as the school you attended is accredited by a regional accreditation body, credits with a grade equivalent of a C- or above can be accepted.

My church offers a Bible school program. Will those credits count?

These credits can be accepted as long as the Bible school program is accredited by a regional accreditation board.

I heard that I get credit for prior work related experiences. Is this true and if so, how does it work?

Once you are accepted into the LEAP program and have completed one semester of coursework, you can apply for "Credit For Prior Learning" credits. However, this does not apply to the 30 credits you need to enter the LEAP program.

I owe another college and cannot get my transcripts. Can I get into the LEAP program with unofficial transcripts?

We cannot officially accept you into the LEAP program without official transcripts.  We can look at unofficial transcripts and offer you advice, so please give us a call (256) 726-7098.